#MemoryoftheUniverse (#2)
2018. 7:58 min. color/blk & white. 3D animation with Maya
video: Alysse Stepanian
Music & sound design: Philip Mantione

Personhood is the second edition of #MemoryoftheUniverse, a series of 3D animations of speculative fiction combined with real life events. Personhood examines the for-profit mass-incarceration system in the U.S. and its relationship to nonhuman animal abuse, slavery and colonialism. Steven Best has observed:

Once humans defined animals as creatures devoid of reason, autonomy, and inherent value, they could use and abuse them without mercy or compassion. Various social elites then applied the same speciesist discrimination model to oppress other human beings. For once “rational” white, male, wealthy, privileged, propertied elites designated women, people of color, and other groups to be deficient in rationality, and thus in humanity, they declared them to be subhuman, “mere animals,” closer to nature and animality than to culture and humanity, and thus could be thrown to the dungeons of damnation where they could be exploited, enslaved, and slaughtered like animals.[1]

Currently I am working on the second live text-based performance to accompany this video.

[1] Best, Steven. “The Rise (and Fall) of Critical Animal Studies.” LIBERAZIONI Associazione Culturale Antispecista. n.d. Web. 24 March 2014.